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Hurricane Damage Wasn’t Discovered Right Away – What Now?

Weather |September 26th, 2022

It has been over a year since Hurricane Ida blasted out of the gulf and ravaged the shores of the U.S. gulf coast, devastating the bayou communities of southern Louisiana. The towns and cities are still trying to recover as the horizon darkens with the possibility of more storms coming their way. Hu..

Dangers of an Overloaded Semi-Truck

Truck Accidents |September 15th, 2022

How can an Overloaded Truck Cause an Accident? An overloaded semi-truck can cause severe issues for semi-truck drivers, other drivers on the road, pedestrians, and public infrastructure.   Handling Issues Semi-truck drivers provide an invaluable service to many of us as they spend countless hours ..

$3 Million Granted to Rebuild Metairie Towers

Insurance Claims |September 05th, 2022

Hurricane Ida pummeled Louisiana with 150 mph category 4 winds when it made landfall in Port Fourchon on August 29, 2021, practically wiping out the town of Grand Isle.  According to a report from the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Ida’s storm surge peaked at 14 feet above ground on the Mississ..

Labor Day and Traffic Safety

Car Accident |August 25th, 2022

Labor Day is an excellent time for Louisianans to get one more three-day weekend at the end of summer. However, like many holidays, Labor Day also marks one of the deadliest weekends for motorists on the roadways. Therefore, any Louisianan planning a long trip during the upcoming holiday weekend sho..

Hurricane Ida: The Devastation of Surging Storms Meets the Strength of Resurging Communities 

Uncategorized |August 20th, 2022

August 29, 2021 – It was a dark midday when Hurricane Ida tore across the gulf, lashing the Louisiana coast, making landfall near Port Fourchon. The category 4 winds whipped at a sustained 150 mph, bashing Grand Isle. Ida slung anything not battened down through the air. Wind gusts full of deb..

Getting Experienced Legal Assistance in the Aftermath of a Devastating Storm 

Weather |August 14th, 2022

During the hurricane season of 2020, Louisiana was already ensnared in the world-changing COVID-19 pandemic when three hurricanes—Laura, Delta, and Zeta—hit the state. Millions of people were affected, lives upended. These individuals were forced to spend the next year rebuilding and repairing h..

DeWalt Miter Saw Recall and Examining Defective Tool Injuries

Personal Injury |August 06th, 2022

If you’re brave enough to type “table saw injuries” into a search engine, you’ll quickly come to realize that these are some of the most dangerous, or potentially dangerous, tools people use. One study by the National Library of Medicine aggregated information from various databases in order..

Will Not Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet Prevent Compensation Recovery for an Accident?

Motorcycle Accident |July 07th, 2022

Most people agree that wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle in traffic is the safer choice. An unprotected human head does not fare particularly well when it hits the roadway or any part of another vehicle at high speeds. Since 2004, Louisiana requires all persons riding on any type of motorize..

A Hurricane Caused a Neighbor’s Tree to Fall? Who is Liable for Property Damage?

Weather |June 11th, 2022

Unfortunately, Louisiana property owners must deal with numerous property damage claims, including fallen trees and branches from a neighbor’s property. Trees can be an incredible asset to the aesthetic of any property or neighborhood. They can provide an excellent source of green space for re..

Injured at a Hotel Swimming Pool – Who is Liable?

Personal Injury |April 26th, 2022

Who is Liable for a Hotel Swimming Pool Injury? People love swimming pools and use them for fitness, fun, and relaxation. For example, according to 2020 statistics, New Orleans had 4.9 pools per 100,000 residents. In addition, many hotels take great pride in their pools, which are a favorite guest a..

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