What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

General |November 20th, 2018

A Class Action Lawsuit is when multiple clients feel their negative experience with the same product or company take legal action against them. Claims against them may vary from work-related discrimination to side effects incurred by a pharmaceutical product.

The steps leading to a lawsuit include:

  1. The courts make an attempt to notify individuals involved that a lawsuit is being filed. For persons without serious injury, participation is optional, and the notice to grant them assistance, or “opt-in” against the company is sent. Some clients may not be able to “opt-out,” as their injuries, for example, are the same as other clients, and must deal with the outcome of the case.
  2. Attorneys diligently work together to sift through the evidence for individuals affected and present the court their findings.

Class action lawsuits are efficient. If the defendant is found guilty, plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit are given payment. Although it may not cover entire costs of injuries, the settlement is complete, and injured parties will receive compensation.