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We hope that you are safe and well following the devastation of Hurricane Ida in South Louisiana. Should you need assistance with current cases or any new legal issues including storm damage and business interruption claims as a result of Hurricane Ida, please contact us by email or by phone. “By June, 2023, AKD Law have made some major progress on Hurricane Ida claims, and have now collected over $100 million or more in just those alone.”

Hurricane Ida Devastates Louisiana

On August 29th, 2021, Hurricane Ida made landfall in Port Fouchon, LA as a category 4 storm and has left millions without power in the state of Louisiana. As a result of heavy wind, flooding, rainfall and even fires, our region is currently suffering from catastrophic loss. Our firm is here for you, and we will get through this together, just as we have in the past.

Only a year after Hurricanes Laura, Delta and Zeta, as our state also battles the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of homes are left to recover and rebuild. As the storm ravaged through the bayou and river parishes and hit the New Orleans metro area and surrounding parishes, the extent of property damage and insured losses from Hurricane Ida is still yet to be determined.

Alvendia, Kelly and Demarest’s Experience

Our team has years of successful experience assisting clients with major catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Gustav, the BP Oil spill, the Hard Rock Hotel collapse and most recently, COVID-19 in Louisiana. We have successfully handled property damage claims for clients all over the state of Louisiana as a result of natural disasters, hurricanes and major flooding that our region has been through over the years since our firm’s inception.

Whether you are in the New Orleans area in Orleans or Jefferson or in other parishes heavily impacted by Hurricane Ida such as Lafourche, Terrebonne, St. Charles, St. James, Plaquemines, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Livingston, Ascension, East Baton Rouge and more, we can help you. The Bayou and River Parishes along with lower lying areas of Jefferson such as Lafitte and Barataria as well as Grand Isle, Laplace and various areas of Plaquemines parish have been hit hard, and our firm hopes to help many of our Louisianians as the recovery process begins.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Because insurance companies unfortunately often try to take advantage of policyholders to avoid providing the full compensation owed as a result of damages from hurricanes, personal and business loss of use and various other factors, a skilled property damage legal team such our attorneys at Alvendia, Kelly and Demarest can help as your family focuses on safety and recovery. An experienced hurricane property damage lawyer in Louisiana can help you navigate the entire legal process and work with the insurance companies on your behalf.

As you focus on the essential next steps to rebuilding after a catastrophic event such as Hurricane Ida, we have put together a list of resources and information that should help with the process. Should you have any questions at all or if you would like our property damage legal team to review your situation, claim and help with these next steps in dealing with the insurance companies, please reach out at 504-618-1601 today.

It does not matter when you are located in the state of Louisiana, as our firm serves clients all over the state. Initially, we will review your insurance policy information and discuss the next best steps with you. Our top priority is that you and your family are safe and that you are able to rebuild.

Property Damage Insurance Claim Checklist: What You Need to Know after Hurricane Ida

For more information on what to do and what not to do in the short term, please visit our infographic [PDF] for more helpful tips on the steps to take immediately.

  • Take ample photographs and videos of ALL damage (regardless of severity) before any mitigation to your property starts.
  • Where possible, mitigate any further loss by protecting undamaged property. (i.e. secure tarps, allow for proper ventilation in any areas that received water damage, etc)
  • Gather a copy of your most recent insurance policy.
  • Create a list of all damaged items. Itemize all damages to structures and personal property with as much detail as possible, including estimated values, purchase dates and receipts where available.
  • Report your loss to your insurance company. Because insurance companies will likely be inundated with claims, be sure to document every conversation with call details and follow up consistently until you receive a claim number.
  • Keep track of ALL expenses incurred as a result of the hurricane, and keep receipts (including, but not limited to, evacuation travel, living expenses if displaced, hotels, meals etc during the time that your home in uninhabitable).
  • Begin repairs to your damaged property. Schedule any initial repairs only with reputable, Louisiana licensed contractors. Be aware of scammers, and always verify contractors with state and local agencies. Do not sign any written agreements or pay for repairs in advance.
  • Contact an experienced property damage attorney as soon as possible to discuss your claim. An experienced law firm such as Alvendia, Kelly & Demarest can help with complex issues that can arise when dealing with insurance companies and can ensure that you receive proper compensation.

Most Common Damages Caused by Hurricane Ida

Although hurricanes and major natural disasters can deliver a wide range of property damages and injuries, the most common types of damage caused by storms on the Gulf Coast are as follows:

  • Power Outages: Due to the sustained winds of 100+ mph and the gusts in excess of 150mph, millions have been left without power in Louisiana. The transmission tower failure throughout the New Orleans metro area has left our city with an even greater problem.
  • Structural Property Damage: Following a hurricane with winds of such excessive speeds as seen during Ida, extensive property damage to homes and businesses and in some cases, complete loss of the structure or roofs have been seen. Depending on the severity of the damage, structures may need serious repair or a complete rebuild.
  • Flooding: Storm surge, levee breaches and simply excessive rainfall in a short period of time are all factors that have contributed to widespread flooding and in some cases submersion of complete homes and buildings during and after Hurricane Ida. Although the improved levee systems in most areas of the New Orleans metro as a result of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation held up and saved many parts of the city, other areas outside of the levee systems did not fare as well and the fact that Hurricane Ida poured such large amounts of rainfall on South Louisiana in such a short period of time, flooding still inevitably occurred.
  • Personal Injury: Those that ride out the storm often experience a range of injuries both during and after the hurricane including lacerations, infections, dehydration, electrocution, burns, chainsaw injuries, and carbon monoxide exposure.
  • Death: Although worst case scenario, major hurricanes such as Ida do still result in the loss of life for various reasons whether it be falling limbs, drowning or a multitude of other injuries such as carbon monoxide exposure, alligators and other catastrophic, untimely accidents.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by Hurricane Ida regarding injury or property damage, please contact our law firm to speak with an attorney regarding your specific circumstances.

Most Common Property Damage Caused by Hurricanes

While many Louisiana residents are still displaced and have been unable to return to their properties to assess damages to home and businesses, the widespread damage most commonly seen by hurricanes of Ida’s magnitude include the following:

  • Catastrophic loss of entire structures/buildings
  • Damage to walls, siding, shingles and gutters
  • Collapsed detached garages and sheds
  • Collapsed or damaged roofs
  • Broken windows
  • Fire damage as a result of power lines or electrical/gas issues after storm
  • Loss or damage to contents in home
  • Vehicle and/or boat damage
  • Water damage due to flooding
  • Mold and moisture issues from water

Recognizing Insurance Companies and Bad Faith Practices

When a natural disaster of the magnitude of Hurricane Ida hits, insurance companies will undoubtedly be faced with an influx of claims. It is essential as a policyholder that you feel confident that your claims will be quickly processed and that you will receive adequate coverage from your insurer. However, this is often a challenge and insured parties commonly report that they are not receiving timely answers from their insurers or even worse, they receive quick denials on items that they feel should be covered.

If you are in this situation, it is critical that you do not stop there. Utilizing an experienced hurricane property damage lawyer may be your best decision while dealing with the recovery of the hurricane aftermath whether it is damage to your primary home, a secondary home or even your business. Our property damage team at AKD Law can step in to deal directly with your insurer to secure proper coverage for damages suffered as a result of the storm.

It’s important to note that you have legal rights and options. When you sign a policy with an insurance company, you are entering a legal contract together that agrees to specific rules and payments. Your insurance company is legally obligated to honor the agreement to cover certain services — such as damage caused by Hurricane Ida. Anytime that your insurance company does not follow through with something written in your policy, this could be considered an action of bad faith.

Some common examples of bad faith tactics include:

  • Denying claims without providing proper reason
  • Failure to conduct a prompt and complete investigation
  • Offering less money than a claim is worth
  • Refusing to pay a valid claim
  • Delaying or denying decisions/payment on claims or request for approval for medical treatment
  • Claiming that repairs are not included in policy/unnecessary
  • Citing false pre-existing damage to avoid payment
  • Making threatening statements
  • Misrepresenting the law or policy language
  • Refusing requests for documentation or falsifying paperwork
  • Making unreasonable settlement offers
  • Failing to consider appeals after a claim denial

Our property damage legal team is experienced with handling these sort of situations and will help you overcome these tactics. We will navigate dealing with the insurance companies on your behalf; these bad faith practices can be handled when dealing with an experienced legal team in this area of the law.

Whether you suspect that your insurance company has engaged (or may engage) in any of these tactics or if you would like to avoid the potential of having your claim undervalued, contact our firm today at 504-618-1601.

Benefits of Hiring a Louisiana Hurricane Property Damage Lawyer

While the current devastation to our state is already heavy enough on you and your families, the last thing that you need is the hassle and potential denial of any sort from your insurer. If choosing to instead hire an experienced hurricane damage Louisiana in New Orleans or any surrounding areas in Louisiana, you will have the peace of mind that maximum compensation will be received. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not pay anything out of pocket for our team to begin working on your case nor do you pay unless we successfully recover for you. Our fees are based on a percentage of recovery, so you do not need to come out of pocket for legal services during this already stressful time.

Hiring a property casualty law firm can bring you a multitude of benefits including, but not limited to, the following:

  • investigate your insurance claim and step in on your behalf
  • help build your case against your insurance company and guide you with proper documentation needed
  • identify bad faith practices if they exist
  • fight your insurer if they attempt to underpay or deny your hurricane insurance claim
  • communicate exclusively with your insurer on your behalf so that you do not need to continue communications
  • regularly collaborate with you so that you understand the process and have the confidence and peace of mind that the resolution will be favorable

Resources for Immediate Help in Aftermath of Hurricane Ida

If you need immediate help, please find a list of helpful resources below:

FEMA – Disaster Assistance can be applied for three (3) ways:

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