Class Action & Mass Tort

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In some cases of law, groups of individuals all share a common claim. In these cases, class action or a mass tort lawsuit may be required. Such cases require attorneys who focus on the needs of many. At Alvendia, Kelly & Demarest, our team of professionals has the resources and experience required to stand up for our clients, regardless of the size of the case.

Class Action vs. Mass Tort: What’s the Difference?

When more than one plaintiff come against the same organization or group, they are often placed together to reduce the number of lawsuits at hand, either through mass tort or class action. The main difference between the two lies within the injury or cause.

In a class action lawsuit, each plaintiff involved in the case has experienced the same injury from the same defendant. For example, a class action lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company involves multiple patients, all experiencing the same injury or complaint.

In a mass tort lawsuit, although all of the individuals have been injured by the same defendant, their injuries may differ. For example, if that same pharmaceutical company caused multiple injuries to multiple individuals that differed in symptoms and types, a mass tort lawsuit could be more appropriate.

Class Action & Mass Tort Claims Require Skilled Attorneys

Whether mass tort or class action, there’s much on the line. These large cases require skilled and professional attorneys with the stamina required to be successful. Both mass tort and class action cases are often difficult, requiring substantial proof and confidence beyond standard legal procedure.

At AKD, we’re dedicated to your case, providing the best representation for the results you deserve. Although suffering an injury at the hands of someone else is difficult, your recovery doesn’t have to be.

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