Car Accident |November 23rd, 2018

By Zach Russell

Now that school has begun, I’m sure you have a sense of relief. The kids are gone most of the day, you don’t need to worry about finding a babysitter, and everything seems right in the world. Oh no, you forgot about making lunches, parent-teacher conferences, and/or chaperoning field trips. Here are some helpful tips on maintaining your sanity this school year.


Using a personal planner is a great way for keeping track of all your appointments, meetings, work, and school events. This planner can be anything, a fridge calendar, monthly planners or an app on your phone.

Meal plan

Meal planning isn’t just for health nuts. It’s also for parents who want to be prepared this school year. Try varying up your lunches so your kids don’t get burnt out on PB&J. Another great option is to buy in bulk so you can save time and money by not making as many grocery trips.

Prepare your kid

First off, get a hold of their supply list as soon as possible. This will prevent any last minute rushing. Also, before spending heavily on all these supplies, look for cheaper alternatives such as salvation army, garage sales, and/or online sales. If your child takes the bus, make sure they fully understand their bus route.
The bottom line is to always stay ahead of the chaos. It is also good to be prepared in case an accident happens. AKD Law is here for any information involving accident preparedness