Personal Injury: Railroad Crossing

Car Accident |November 23rd, 2018

Drivers getting near a train crossing may be unable to see an oncoming train if their sight is obstructed by trees or vegetation around it. Perhaps, the crossing signal or gates are not installed correctly, broken, poorly marked, or improperly maintained, and they fail to alert drivers of an oncoming train.

By law, trains moving through densely populated areas must drive at slower speeds and use whistles to alert pedestrians and drivers that a train is approaching. Failure to do so can create a dangerous situation that results in an accident.

As many as 80% of railroad crossings do not have adequate warning devices. Train companies have a responsibility to maintain crossing equipment. Pedestrians and drivers may be completely unaware that a train is coming until it is too late.

Railroad crossing accidents involving pedestrians and drivers are usually severe, often resulting in death. Determining whether the injury was a result of negligence could be very complicated, with many different parties involved. If you were involved in a railroad crossing accident and you need help, contact us.