New Traffic Cameras In New Orleans

Car Accident |November 23rd, 2018

Starting on January 9, new traffic cameras will photograph and fine speeders in New Orleans. Motorists caught traveling more than six mph over the speed limit in school zones will be cited.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration said that the revenue from the cameras would be used to help close budget gaps in 2017, although Landrieu has said that’s not the point of the cameras. The program’s goal is to improve public safety, deter red light violations, reduce speeding violations, increase traffic situational awareness and reduce collision severity.

The school zones selected as sites for the new cameras were picked after an evaluation that took into account requests from nearby residents, accident records, traffic volume and the feasibility of installing cameras in those locations.

Ten of the cameras will be portable cameras that can be moved around the city to supplement New Orleans police traffic enforcement efforts. The remaining 45 will be permanently fixed near schools. By April, all 55 new cameras will be in place. Currently, there are 66 traffic safety cameras at 42 different locations throughout New Orleans.

See a full list of locations here.