Community Aid |November 23rd, 2018

Dear Friends:

My family and AKD have been blessed to volunteer with and to support March of Dimes for many years. This year, my lovely wife Kaitlin, cheery son Jack, and I are honored to serve as the March of Dimes Ambassador Family for the Signature Chef’s Auction. We ask with very personal emphasis that ALL of you support the March’s mission with us, as the story of baby Jack’s premature birth is told at the event.

The auction annually brings out many of the best chefs in our city, which means some of the best anywhere in the world! Beyond our famous food and music, we are all proud of our city’s heart and our culture. And why not? In the last decade, South Louisiana has become world renowned as a symbol of rebirth — as we have persevered through numerous disasters. Each time we have joined together to overcome calamity.

The event will be Friday, October 28th., at the Sheraton, New Orleans. If you can buy a table and bring a group, that would be great. Or if you can come alone or as a couple, we can get you seated with other mutual friends. Just let me know or the MOD staff. If you cannot attend in person, we ask that you, please make a donation now to support the ongoing work of the March of Dimes which has benefitted all of us and will continue to help each new mother and baby.

Please visit the Signature Chef’s Auction event page to buy your tickets and/or donate.


Bart Kelly, III