Car Accident |November 23rd, 2018

Personal injury recovery tips

AKD LAW exists to help provide you with justice and the best case outcome. More than that, we want each client to make a swift and safe recovery. If you are suffering from a personal injury, check out these recovery tips:

Avoid rigorous exercise

Physical therapy is great for recovery but you will want to avoid any tough exercises not authorized by your provider. This may cause further injury if you overexert yourself. Why risk going back to square one or making your injury worse?

Keep a good diet

A healthy diet filled with protein and potassium can also help with your recovery. Your body works hard to heal itself so give it what it needs and your recovery will be a lot faster.


After an injury, people are often given bad advice such as “push through the pain.” However, what your body needs is rest. Your body needs time to recover. It’s just like working out. Muscle recovery and muscle growth happen when you are sleeping.