I was referred to Bart Kelly by an attorney that worked in the malpractice field that I worked in. I was involved in a terrible accident and had a lot of serious injuries. I really did not know who to turn to for help since I did not want to use an attorney that I have worked for or that I already knew. I was so happy that Bart (and his team, including his nurse paralegal) was my attorney. The process was slow at first, but I totally understood this since I had worked as a paralegal/nurse paralegal for many years. He and Meg were very dedicated to me and my case once the case went into litigation. They listened to what my thoughts were on what we could do, and we also discussed what the best approach would be from every angle. Bart’s nurse paralegal really could not have been more attentive or kinder throughout this process. I know the legal system very well. It is long and hard, but Bart and Meg really tried to put me at ease through the whole thing. The results were much more than expected as far as the settlement. Thanks.