By Zach Russell

You already know the top physical therapists to visit in NOLA, but how do you know when you’ve found the right one? The physical therapist needs to suit your needs and make your time pleasant. Here are some qualities to look for when seeking out the perfect physical therapist.


When working with a PT (physical therapist) they aren’t just there to help you stretch. They’re there to push you to recovery at a safe and efficient pace.


This almost goes without saying, but make sure your physical therapist knows what they’re talking about. If you feel like they are feeding you misinformation, perhaps you should look elsewhere.


It’s amazing how much negativity can slow down the healing process. You want a PT that is upbeat and enthusiastic about you and your therapy.


This isn’t a fast food chain, this is your physical therapist. They should be friendly and kind. If they seem rude or inattentive, leave immediately. If they don’t care about being friendly to you, why would they care about your situation?

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