About Us


Roderick “Rico” Alvendia was driven in 2003 to establish the firm because he saw a need within the New Orleans area for more high-quality legal services for injured victims and their families. Later on that year, J. Bart Kelly, sharing the same passion, joined Rico to form a partnership. The very next year, Rico was called into military service for his country in Iraq, leaving a thriving firm. They sought another attorney to uphold their high standards and commitment to justice. They had been in awe of Jeanne Demarest’s tenacity and proficiency in the courtrooms and knew she was the right choice for their firm. Rico returned safely after an 18-month tour of duty in Baghdad, where he served as a JAG Officer, a Major at that time then promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. He served honorably in an extremely hostile environment inside and out of the Iraqi courts. Upon his return, only two weeks after Katrina struck, the firm became AKD (Alvendia, Kelly, and Demarest) Attorneys At Law.

(Left to right: Roderick Alvendia, Jeanne Demarest, and J. Bart Kelly, III)

In 2005, in the immediate aftermath of hurricane Katrina, one of the worst natural catastrophes to impact the United States, AKD quickly began repairing its own offices. AKD began representing thousands of homeowners and local businesses against their own insurance companies, who were not paying their damage claims fairly. AKD successfully recovered millions of dollars in trials and in settlements for their clients in order and helped other New Orleanians rebuild their lives.

In the last decade, Alvendia, Kelly, and Demarest has succeeded in recovering tens of million of dollars for their clients in landmark individual and class action cases, by committing themselves to a steadfast protection of the rights and interests of their clients.
AKD prides themselves on exploring every case detail for maximum case compensation, and they do not hesitate to take on tough and complicated cases against even the largest national corporations.

At AKD Law their success for their clients stems from providing personalized, compassionate service to their clients while aggressively pursuing just compensation for their damages.